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Geek of the Week: Personalized Messages from Sant...
16 Dec 2014 17:55Geek of the Week:  Personalized Messages from Santa

This is not an app, it is a website. AfreeVideoFromSantaClaus.PackageFromSanta.com. Quite a mouthful, but every bit worth it! Create a custom video message for your children for free! In the video, Santa knows your child's name, age, some hobbies, whether or not he's on the nice list. He inc [ ... ]

Delvis Valentine: 12/15/14
15 Dec 2014 13:28Delvis Valentine: 12/15/14

Delvis Valentine from the Sports Brothers radio show calls Dan & Grace to talk about yesterday's Browns / Bengals "game"

Grace's MOTIVATION Monday, Dec. 15
15 Dec 2014 13:28Grace's MOTIVATION Monday, Dec. 15

  New and beautiful world.... A new and beautiful world has come into being on this day. Explore it, enjoy it, appreciate it and make the most of it. You have the priceless privilege of being here to experience this one-of-a-kind day. Use the opportunity to add meaningful ri [ ... ]

Cherry Tomatoes Poppers
12 Dec 2014 10:38Cherry Tomatoes Poppers

  30 cherry tomatoes 
4 Oz. cream cheese or goat cheese
1/2 cup pesto recipe Slice tops off cherry tomatoes and remove pith and seeds.  (You can also slice the tiniest amount off the bottom to keep the tomatoes from rolling around but be careful not to create a hol [ ... ]

Geek of the Week: Elfster.com
10 Dec 2014 10:50Geek of the Week:  Elfster.com

This web site started out as a Secret Santa organizer. It handles the random drawing of names...making sure not to pair up spouses or give you the same name as last year. You are able to set "sign-up by" dates, spending limits and gift exchange dates.  The site allows “Santa” to ask [ ... ]

Delvis Valentine: 12/08/14
08 Dec 2014 14:39Delvis Valentine: 12/08/14

Delvis Valentine from The Sports Brothers Radio Show calls Dan & Grace to weigh in on Sunday's Browns loss at the hands of the Colts.

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