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This is not an app, it is a website. Quite a mouthful, but every bit worth it! Create a custom video message for your children for free! In the video, Santa knows your child's name, age, some hobbies, whether or not he's on the nice list. He includes a photo in his message and interacts with some of his friends from the North Pole.

*additional options including a handwritten letter from Santa and a personalized phone call from santa are also available, at a cost, at

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This web site started out as a Secret Santa organizer. It handles the random drawing of names...making sure not to pair up spouses or give you the same name as last year. You are able to set "sign-up by" dates, spending limits and gift exchange dates.  The site allows “Santa” to ask anonymous questions about sizes and favorite colors without blowing his cover. Guests can create their own wish lists to make Santa's shopping easier. Post direct links, descriptions and pictures on your wish list. is up and active year-round, not just at Christmas. Use your wishlist for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding registries or graduation parties. It is fully integrated with social media platforms and has free apps!

Elfster 2.0 is free on iTunes. 

Wishes by Elfster is free on Google Play.

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Google's Chromecast, Roku's Streaming Stick, Amazon Fire TV Stick. Little, 3 inch dongles that plug into an HDMI port on your TV and stream digital content without cables or wires or another box on a shelf. Each one, under $50. But which one is for you?

Chromecast $35: Stream content from your PC or mobile device to your TV. There's no remote, so you control the screen from your PC, laptop, tablet or phone. It supports Netflix, Hulu, HBO-Go, Pandora, YouTube, and, of course, Google Play, as well as some others. It also is capable of sharing your screen, so its great in a business for making presentations. Any device on the same wifi network as the Chromecast can access it.

Roku Streaming Stick $49.99: Unlike Chromecast, the Streaming Stick does not require a PC or mobile device to operate. It is a stand alone unit and comes with a remote. Stream from Netflix, Hulu, HBO-Go, M-Go, Amazon Instant Video, and many more Roku streaming apps and channels you already enjoy on your Roku Box.

Amazon Fire TV Stick $39 (but sold out on Amazon until January 15) : Similar to the Roku and Chromecast, it streams from several of your favorite online services lik Netflix and Hulu, and, for Amazon Prime members, the Prime Video and Prime Music libraries are at your fingertips. The only real difference between the Roku and the Fire is HBO-Go...Fire TV Stick doesn't support HBO yet, but it is supposedly in the works.

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Geek of the Week: Total Wine & More Food Pairing

If you're not sure what wine to serve with dinner, Thursday...or what wine to bring...this app will pair the perfect wine to whatever is on the menu. Select the food category (like poultry, pork, shelfish), adjust the food prep style or spices, narrow the options by price...all in the palm of your hand!


Free for iPhone  







Geek of the Week: Hand Turkey

Keep the kids entertained this weekend with Hand Turkey. Free for iPads. The child places their hand on the iPad screen and the app converts it into a turkey for them to decorate. Once the turkey is finished it can be used to play games within the app or teach pre-schoolers to name their fingers.


Free for iPads

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