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Shan Gibley, Cleveland's youngest and most affordable Browns beat-reporter puts perennial nay-sayers in their place after Sunday's win over the Buccaneers.

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You can do what must be done. You can articulate what must be said.

You can endure whatever difficulties may come. You can understand and adapt to conditions that constantly change.

It is amazing what you have the ability to do. It is beautiful when you choose to make something meaningful and valuable out of all those abilities.

You can learn from what happens, adapt to what changes, and persevere through whatever may come. You can assemble together new and creative things that the world has never seen....     courtesy of greatday.com 

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Delvis Valentine from The Sports Brothers called in to talk with Dan & Grace about Sunday's win over the Raiders.


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Shan Gibley, Cleveland's youngest and most affordable Browns beat reporter gives Dan & Grace his take on Sunday's win over the Raiders.

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