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Apr. 7, Wavelengths

Chief Urologist, Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Charles Modlin, founder of the Minority Men's Health Fair invites ALL men to attend the 17th Annual, this Thurs. Apr. 11 at four locations, from 5:30-8:30. All are welcome! Get screened, know your numbers, talk to the professionals who care about your health & well being, "Because You Matter". Free Parking.
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Monday, 16 April 2018 09:09

April 15, Wavelengths Community Affairs

Dr. Charles Modlin, Cleveland Clinic & Founder of the Minority Men's Health Fair, discusses the upcoming event open to all men, all ages/ethnicities, Thurs. Apr. 19, health care disparities. Event is Free & open to all men; Andrew Wagner, H & R Block Senior Tax Advisor, talks about procrastinators and the tax filing deadline, speaks to military and business owners

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Monday, 30 October 2017 09:22

Oct. 29, Wavelengths Community Affairs

Olympic Champion Figure Skater, Scott Hamilton talks about the 18th Annual, Scott Hamilton & Friends Ice Show & Gala, Nov. 4, f/ Peter Cetera. All proceeds for this fund raising event benefits cancer research for Cleveland Clinic's Taussig cancer center. He also talks about his journey w/ cancer and resilience; Oct. 29 is World Stroke Day, Dr. Zeshuan Khawaja, Stroke Neurologist, Cleveland Clinic taks about stroke risk factors, treatments and prevention.
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Monday, 16 May 2016 06:54

Wavelengths, May 15

Dr. Kareem Abu El-Magd, Director of Transplantation Center, Cleveland Clinic talks about his journey to becoming a surgeon, the importance of organ donation and details of the Transplant Games coming to Cleveland



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Dr. Kareem Abu El-Magd, Director, Transplantation Center, Cleveland Clinic talks his journey, the importance of organ transplantation, plus details on the upcoming Transplant Games coming to Cleveland in June. 


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Dr. Thomas Frazier, Cleveland Clinic Children's Center for Autism joins us to talk about causes of autism, the autism spectrum, and treatments. Author of the book, Money, it's not the problem, you are!, Gary Douglas, talks about how we can reprogram ourselves and our thoughts to receive the wealth of abundance in the universe

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Friday, 08 April 2016 11:37

March 13, WAVELengths

Dr. Jackie Bailey, Community Outreach/Patient Navigation, Cleveland Clinic, talks about her role and the benefits/services provided for patients. Kevin Lynch, Director of External Affairs, AT&T, Rick DeChant, Tri-C Veterans' Initiative, talk about the great partnership/campaign launched to employ/engage Veterans.


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Dr. Christine Jellis, Cardiologist, Cleveland Clinic joins for heart month, with tips on how we can achieve optimum heart health. Chef Eric Wells, Founder, Skye LaRae's Catering shares Valentine's Day advice, and how to get the most out of the day and make it your best yet.



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Anita, Krajnik, Naturepathic Practitioner, Haven of Moreland Hills speaks about the treatments and services offered and the expertise of a Naturepathic Practitioner.  

Dr. Rasmussen, Cleveland Clinic, Neurosurgeon & Director of Distance Health talks about the real time services offered to patients through the Cleveland Clinic website.

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