Wednesday, 27 May 2015 05:24

Geek of the Week: Geocaching

052715With the summer months upon us and more people heading outside, here's a fun app to take with you the next time you go camping, to the park or for a walk around the neighborhood. Geocaching is, essentially, GPS Hide-n-Seek. For years, people have been hiding little boxes or jars all over the world, in the hopes that people will find them. Inside the container is usually a notepad to collect the names of everyone who has found it, as well as trinkets that hard-core Geocachers trade (take-a-penny / leave-a-penny style). This app shows a map of your location, and all of the available caches in the area. Using your phone's GPS, the built-in compass, and a clue, you search for the hidden container. If your kids grumble when you ask them to join you on a hike, bring this app along and turn your hike into a treasure hunt! They'll love it! Free in Google Play and on iTunes.

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