Tuesday, 08 September 2015 12:21

Geek of the Week: Companion

The personal security guard app. If you have ever felt uneasy traveling alone? Maybe it's walking home at night from a restaurant, walking through a rough neighborhood on the way to school, or you may just be unsure of yourself and your navigating ability. Just before you leave, add your destination to the Companion app, then add friends from your contacts list (the friends don't need to have the app). Your friends can track you on their phone to make sure you get where you're going. If you get nervous or are in danger, use the app to alert your friends with the handy “I Feel Nervous” button or automatically call for help with the “Call Police – 911” button. If you set it up to, the app will check your status from time to time (“Are you OK?”). If you don't click the “YES” button within a few seconds, the app automatically alerts your friends.

The app is free for iPhone and Android

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