Tuesday, 15 September 2015 13:47

Geek of the Week: PupPod

This is a learning toy for your dog that is connected, via wifi, to a treat dispenser.

If your dog completes a given task with the toy, it gets a treat. *the task might be “roll the toy across the room”, it might be “roll the toy across the room in 15 seconds”, it might be “shake the toy for 5 seconds”. The dog has to figure out the task and complete it.

You can set the tasks and variables from an app on your phone...you can also track the dog's progress and treat consumption through PupCloud. The toy also has a built-in HD camera so you can stream video of your dog's playtime to any device. And you can do it all...from work!

This is a perfect trick to get your pet to exercise while nobody's home! The company launched a kickstarter campaign this week and expects roll out products early next year.  PupPod.com

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