Tuesday, 29 November 2016 13:34

Geek of the Week: Google PhotoScan

This app came out a couple weeks ago. Simply put, it's a way to back-up your old photographs. Not your old digital selfies...the old pictures of Grandma as a baby, or your family's 1975 Christmas card. The app is way faster than putting the photographs on a flat-bed scanner, and more permanent than storing them in a shoebox.

When you open the app, it provides a frame. Center the photograph in the frame. Then four dots appear on the screen. Aim the camera at each dot until the progress bar is complete. Once you've connected the dots, the phone is done scanning, and you have a digital, glare-free version of your old photograph.

This video helps to explain a little better

The pictures don't come out as crystal clear as they might if you made a reproduction from a negative, but they're still pretty good.

Download Google's PhotoScan for free from GooglePlay and the AppStore...and if you have Google Photos, store them, upload them to the cloud, and they'll automatically be organized.

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